Shipping and Contact Info

All items except T-shirts (that are shipped directly from the printer in USA and Latvia) are shipped from Spain


- For tracked shipping, please add to your cart the item TRACKED SHIPPING. You will receive the tracking number once that your item have been shipped. 

- If you don't receive the item in 60 days, contact me so I can make the claim and send you a replacement without any cost for you. 


- All items are shipped by Ordinary Mail as default due to their low price. This means that they go without tracking number. 

- No refunds for lost parcels if you have selected this method. 

- After 60 days since SHIPPING BY ORDINARY MAIL, if you have not received the item, you can ask for a replacement shipped WITH TRACKING. In this case, you won't have to pay the item but you will have to pay 50% of the tracked shipping (3,50€). No Ordinary Mail shipping is available for replacements in order to avoid fraud. 

Shipping rates:


From 1,00€ first item, +0,70per additional item


From 2,10€ first item, +1,50 per additional item. 


You can contact using the email:

The customer service schedule is:

Mon-Fri 11:00 to 20:00 (GMT +1 Spain)