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F2U: Glowing Blue Neko Blob Icon 

T. O. S. 

- I take 100% payment before starting by PayPal 

- Time depends of the amount of work and complexity (around 4-10 days) 

- For physical items, an extra will be charged for shipping via Certified mail (usually about 6€)

- You can’t resell my artwork or use it to make merchandise such as prints, pin, badges… 

- Totally prohibited edit my artwork! 

F2U: Light Purple Neko Blob Icon 


- Full head color: $5

- Full body no color: $10

- Full body color: $15

- Custom adoptable: $20

- Add background : +$6

- Add character head: +$3

- Add character full body no color: +$7

- Add  character full body color: +$10

 blue fabric border b 


Just fulfill and submit the form, I’ll answer you as soon as possible! 

Here’s the form: goo.gl/forms/TMrnlQ538Ut7gYk43